Look! She is floating between excitement and boredom.

Idea is complex, it can form out of boredom. 

It started with nothing.


In the first day, the creator was struck with boredom.

In the second day, he fell into a deep slumber.

In the third day, he noticed a bunch of photographs and design graphics lying wasted in a digital storage that is quickly running out of space.

In the fourth day, he thought that maybe he could do something about it, something that does not require him to get bored.

In the fifth day, after another day of deeper slumbering, an idea came crashing upon him. Hard! So hard that he forgot what it is.

In the sixth day, he was still trying to remember what it is.

In the seventh day, PepCraft was created. He was still trying to remember the idea that he lost in the other day.

And that is the story about PepCraft.com.